Hi, I’m Chasen

I’m a software engineer in Long Beach, California. I have a decade’s worth of web developer experience and am a contributor to CanJS. I currently work at Bitovi, a JavaScript consulting company known for making great web apps for Walmart and other high-profile companies I can’t mention.

I grew up in beautiful Long Beach, California. My interest in technology started young; my first computer was a Mac LC III. When I was in eighth grade, I started building my first website with HomePage, part of Apple’s .Mac service. I was hooked on being able to create something from nothing and my curiosity drove me to learn how web pages worked.

As a nerdy teenager, I started learning HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. My first program was, embarrasingly, Chasr, a Flickr clone built on its APIs. As my skills developed, so did my ambition.

In 2008, I started a sole proprietorship called Iron Money. I took a year off from school in 2010 to focus on my entrepreneurial endeavors. Shortly after I went back to school, my company was profitable. I continued working on its web, iOS, and Mac apps until late 2012, when I joined my first tech company.

I worked for a company called ICG for a little over two years. We built complete systems for organizations such as The New England Patriots, Princess Cruise Lines, and University of San Diego. There, I led my first team, gained experience with AngularJS, and had the privilege of working on applications seen by thousands.

Today, I work remotely for Bitovi, a leader in JavaScript consulting and open source software. I lead the developer relations and evangelism efforts for DoneJS, an awesome open source JavaScript framework that makes it easy to build high performance, real-time web and mobile applications.