Every once in a while, I like to reflect on things that have changed in my life. Last year, I wouldn’t have expected a change in jobs and a move back to Long Beach. At the start of 2013, I would’ve been surprised to hear that I’d own a new car and live somewhere new. A year before that, the details of my previous job would’ve amazed me.

Each year seems to bring something new. This year, that new is a fresh job, fresh apartment, fresh perspective on life. I think we hold onto the past because it’s familiar; even in tough times, we become accustom to the people and feelings closest to us. Our comfort can make us stagnate though; holding onto life as it was sometimes prevents us from discovering what it could be.

For me, this is an uneasy satisfaction with the status quo. I’ve always been solaced by the idea that destiny will forever play its hand, but that attitude disregards the effort required to make a life for yourself. It’s with this fresh approach that I’m finally starting to embrace life not just for what it is, but what I can mold out of it.

It’s this change in perspective that has me most excited about life.